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Attending our workshops ensures that you are receiving the latest and up to date skills knowledge ideas procedures and breakthroughs in your field. Or workshops are not sales and marketing events. You are not attending to be sold something. You will

Selected Audience: This program is only open to attendees that hold a board-level or executive-level position in an organization. A maximum of 7 candidates can attend the workshop at any given time. Why Digital Transformation & Innovation

Introduction King IV is an essential tool for sustaining effective and excellent management of commercial entities. The term ‘corporate governance’ is misleading as the fundamental success principles of King IV are universal and apply

Preamble The digitalization hype is fast-growing and analytical skills like artificial intelligence and machine learning are increasingly becoming vital for business success. Worryingly, most organizations have limited skills in this fast-evolving

Course Overview This end-to-end course equips delegates with IFRS 9 Machine Learning Modeling knowledge and skills. It covers, inter alia, exploratory data analysis, data pre-processing, model training, and evaluation. A hands-on approach is adopt

Live Interactive using Microsoft Teams The fourth industrial revolution (4IR) spurred by technologies and trends such as robotics, the Internet of Things, and artificial intelligence are reshaping the way we live and work. In finance, new financia

Course Overview This course equips delegates with fundamental knowledge of IFRS 9, Basel regulation, and Credit risk modelling. Further, using requisite software, the course teaches how to develop, calibrate, validate and backtest IFRS 9 ECL model

Overview Uninterruptable Power Supply systems (UPS) form an integral part for most of the applications that require a stable and reliable power supply. Loss of electrical power to critical equipment may lead to equipment damage, extensive repair
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